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The project on the Development Strategy Project of the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund in a consortium with the National Institute of Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic

Project goal: Market analysis, systematization of the market research results, structuring and description of the development strategy of the KRDF

Terms of implementation: December 2016

Partners: Consortium with the National Institute of Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic

Achieved results: The experts of Spot-On Consulting has analyzed the current state of the Fund: analysis of operating and investment activities, organizational and management analysis, analysis of business processes and human resources. Were studied the availability of credit and proximity to the client, market awareness and marketing program, operational efficiency and focus on the key client, price comparability of lending products, business process smoothing, speed and quality of service.

To understand the opportunities for growth, the potential market was analyzed and, as a result, was adjusted the strategic target segment for the Fund`s activities.

As a final document, was developed and presented a “product” line of strategies – based on the selection of the target segment, were proposed special types of “product” activities that facilitate the implementation of the Fund’s mission  and strengthen the capabilities of its activities. In addition were revealed the key risks of the Fund`s activity in promoting the “products” of lending – management, political, market and currency risks.

In conclusion was formed a list of activities and projects in terms of directions, terms, divisions, as well as with the identification of key indicators of the activity effectiveness. Also were prepared comprehensive financial indicators of the Fund, based on the proposed development strategy of the Fund.