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We help international organizations, government departments, private companies and civil society organizations to develop, increasing their potential, strengthening and consolidating cooperation for the implementation of joint tasks and the successful implementation of joint projects. We develop advanced solutions, transfer and adapt international knowledge in the context of local needs, and ensure transparency in implementation and quality of results. Thus, we contribute to the effective, sustainable implementation of projects and development initiatives in Central Asia.


We strive to become your reliable partner for a long time. We are sure that a combination of local knowledge and the experience of international experts can ensure the effective implementation of ideas. Enriching each other, we develop together.

Main activities:

  • Customer focus
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Openness to cooperation


Our experts can build upon years of experience in various international programs and projects. They know the specificities of the private sector, the civil society sector, local government institutions as well as the donor community. Building on this knowledge and experience, we design and implement processes, structures and cooperation systems for the successful realization of development projects and programs.

We provide high-quality services in the following fields:

  • Development of strategies and facilitation of their implementation
  • Systemic organizational development and organizational diagnostics
  • Systemic facilitation of organizational processes in complex cooperation systems
  • Capacity building for focus groups; development and provision of expert potential for organizations, projects and programs
  • Facilitation and moderation of seminars, round tables and events
  • Development of knowledge management instruments and processes, building on cutting-edge technologies
  • Capacity building for project managers; implementation of innovative approaches to the administration and realization of complex projects and programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project activities
  • Analysis and research

We have set up a broad network of local and international experts. We conduct extensive monitoring and strict selection in order to ensure that they have extensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge in their fields. We set up the implementation team for each project individually in order to guarantee the quality of the solutions we provide. Our teams work effectively and efficiently and are capable of reacting to unforeseen circumstances in a flexible, client-oriented manner.

We work with outstanding international experts, trainers and coaches. They are authors of their own methodological approaches and are active in the dissemination of up-to-date knowledge in their respective fields. We are constantly engaged in strengthening the potential of local specialists and in extending our local network of trainers who are able to implement international best practices.

We know from experience that not all approaches and technologies developed elsewhere can be simply transferred and made to work under local conditions. Therefore we base our approaches on a solid analysis of the adaptability of international best practices to local contexts, individually for each project. We strive to develop individual solutions and support their dissemination to broad local audiences.

Our professional facilitators are skilled in up-to-date techniques of moderation, group dynamics and facilitation. They speak multiple languages and are capable of managing groups and events of any size and at any level, from local to highly politicized international contexts.

We support multi-stakeholder processes involving local as well as international institutions in the following fields:

  • Sustainable economic development and development of regional trade
  • Development of regional cooperation in Central Asia
  • Support to governance, increased capacities of state administrative bodies and successful implementation of state programs
  • Civil society support and development
  • Capacity building and quality management in education
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)

We help build long-term partnerships with international institutions in the following areas:

  • sustainable economic development and regional trade development
  • development of regional cooperation in Central Asia
  • improving the efficiency of public administration and achieving the goals of state programs;
  • development of civil society and promotion of various initiatives
  • improving the quality of education
  • sustainable natural resource management
  • ICT and more.