Consulting company

Project “Improving Pasture Management in Kyrgyzstan”

Project goal: active work to raise public awareness and pasture users about measures to improve pasture management, the progress of pasture management reform, the legal framework and methods of budgeting.

Duration: June – September 2017

Partners: Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic

Implemented activities: 

Over 4 months (June-September 2017), SpotOn Consulting experts conducted various media events to strengthen public awareness of measures to improve pasture management. The main objective of Spot Оn Consulting was to encourage the media of Talas and Chui oblasts to more actively cover pasture management issues, to increase journalists’ awareness of the pasture management system, in practice, familiarize themselves with methods for improving the quality of pasture land, provide information on the work of Pasture User Associations in the Talas and Chui Regions, tell the media about the successful experience of the Zhait committees and improve media cooperation with structures responsible for pasture management in two areas.

Results Achieved: 

  • Organized a round table and press tour;
  • Placed running lines and a banner on TV;
  • Posted news stories and programs on TV;
  • Placed informational articles in print media;
  • Development and creation of a training video.