Consulting company

Mystery shopper in a financially credit institution.

The goal of the project is to assess the quality of service in the offices of PKU:
• Assessment of the level of knowledge of products and tariffs
• Evaluation of the quality of service and sales

Duration: 2019

Geography: 7 regions of Kyrgyzstan

Implemented activities:

As part of the study, the following work was carried out: mystery shoppers during the visit evaluated the completeness of the consultation, the ability to bring the sale to its logical conclusion, attention to the client, the ability to work with objections, the level of cross-sales, noted all violations in service, evaluated the appearance of the specialists.

Results: Secret purchases at PKU offices revealed both strengths and weaknesses in service. Strengths include good product knowledge and speed of service. The weak are weak sales, especially in terms of cross-selling related products and services. In general, processes were identified at all points of sale and service that were tested and needed improvement.

Impact: Any business is a living organism: employees, standards and requirements change, previously acquired knowledge is forgotten. How, after two or three months, can you be sure that the service is up to standard? Periodic “secret purchases” help eliminate bottlenecks in sales and quality of service, and maintain customer loyalty.