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Project on the development of educational materials for inclusive education as part of a summer vacation at the Jetigen children’s camp.

Project goal: Integration and adaptation of children with disabilities into society through the organization of children’s vacations in the Jetigen children’s camp

Duration: 2017-2018

Actions taken: At Jetigen International Camp on an inclusive shift, was created environment that was saturated  with developmental activities that were adapted in such a way as to involve ordinary children and children with disabilities in the process. This is a balanced combination of rich relaxation, activity and development, where children are busy every minute and live a full life. ALL children, regardless of their physical, mental, intellectual, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and other characteristics, are included in the general system of recreation and leisure activities of the international camp.

Results Achieved:

  • Has been developed guide for management, mentors, masters and other technical personnel of the inclusive shift of the Jetigen camp according to the rules of work and communication with children with disabilities;
  • Were developed 6 methodological manuals for creative studios taking into account practical recommendations on the rules of work and communication with children with disabilities;
  • Was developed the document “Schedule of the Day”, in which practical recommendations for each hour in the camp will be displayed taking into account 4 categories of children;
  • Has been held trainings for mentors and masters;
  • Has conducted an informational campaign on the first experience of the “inclusive shift” in the Jetigen children’s camp.