Consulting company

Consulting of commodity-service cooperatives of Ala Buka district in Jalal-Abad oblast

Project goal: Training of the cooperatives created in the framework of the project, according the step-by-step development of the strategy and business planning, as well as organization of joint work with other farmers to obtain additional profit on the marketing of prunes.

Terms of implementation: January 2017

Partners: Union of Cooperatives of Kyrgyzstan

Achieved results:

These projects have social significance, since they cover farmers from the most remote regions of the country. They are also more educational in nature and include many activities to mobilize people.

As a result of the project activities, 20 managers from 8 cooperatives visited intensive training, which included not only theoretical part, but also practical tasks. A particular focus was directed to the distinctive features of the  cooperative management, since the owners of the organization are members of the cooperative, at the same time they are customers: suppliers of products and purchasers of the material.

The training program included topics such as planning; internal organization; motivation; control; coordination.

At every stage, participants were preparing an action plan for their cooperative or were describing the management process in it. Also, each co-operative made a business plan and budget before the end of 2017.